Technical Payrolling

Technical Payrolling Service is started at Dönper Danışmanlık, TEMP in 2002.

In outsourcing TEMP will give your company solutions to avoid all the payrolling procedures and legal requirements for the personnel.

TEMP solution proposal in your Technical Payrolling Outsourcing process is ;

1. To process payroll information on a monthly basis in line with the legal requirements and company procedures,
2. To handle the relations with the institutions required for the labor law (such as Social Sec. Ass., Labor Ministery, Tax Ins., İşkur)
3. To prepare all the legally required forms, lists and declarations.
4. To inform all the changes in regulations effecting the cost on time.
5. To give required consultancy in Labor Law (nr.4857)

If you use our Technical Payrolling services than your HR department will save time from burocratic issues.