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Financial / Accounting Services


Interim/Temporary Staffing

Temporary personnel services for accounting & reporting logistics &import – export departments or support people during integrated system implementations under performance control and confidentially guarantee.


» Payments-Receivables

  • Making payments through banks on behalf of our customers, preparing related taking related deconts from the banks and their filing
  • Tracing the company receivables


» Accounting Services

Reconciliation, year-end activities

  • Fixed Asset Physical Counting & Labeling & Reconciliation.
  • Controlling Accounting Records, Receivable Follow Up etc.


» Management Reporting

  • Set up annual budget & following it by monthly basis and revision based on actuals
  • Profitability & Cost Control & Cash Flow Reporting— Analysis



» Office Management

  • All the payments of the bills (phones, rent, water, electricity…)
  • Make the line connections (phones, internet…)
  • Office purchases
  • Handle everything that has to be done to run the office

Admin Force


Administrative Outsourcing / Consultancy Services

Founded in December 2001, AdminForce offers administrative process management services. At the head office, AdminForce employs five managers and specialists each with diversified qualifications in their professional areas. The department is founded solely for administrative services.


» Administrative Outsourcing

Implementation of all the possible administrative processes (managing correspondence and communication, reception and switchboard, drivers, warehouse and archive, office related purchasing, office boys, technical support, refurbishments including painting, assistance in moving and setting) by building the necessary teams in accordance with our clients’ needs.


» Consultancy on Administrative Processes or Supervision Services

As per the demand from our client, questioning and examining all the administrative processes, preparing related flowcharts and afterwards support the operation for a certain time it needed. Organization of warehouses, storages, archives, selling used cars, selling company cars, repairing 81 maintenance, refurbishing, painting, decoration, analyzing electric, water, telephone, gas, etc. expenses and preparing expense reports, proposing saving options.


» Car Fleet Management

  • Fleet Preparation: Preparing and updating car policy & drivers’ manual
  • Fulfilling Legal Requirements: Inspections, tax payments, follow up of all insurance policy validity dates
  • Repair & Maintenance: Periodical Maintenance, other maintenance, 24 hours service
  • Autocontrol:  Routine check of legal papers of the fleet cars ( tax issues and traffic fines etc.), control of the fines on driver licenses of the eligible company car users.
  • Driver Trainings: Testing driving levels and organizing technical or advanced driving techniques courses according to the drivers’ needs.
  • Fleet Reporting: Preparing technical 100 spots analysis, damage reports, writing legal damage declarations, car price surveys (at buying or selling). Preparing monthly oil consumption and accident reports detailed as per customer request.

» Contract Management and Supplier Selection

Purchasing goods and services, rental contracts, obtaining offers from suppliers, preliminary elimination, reference controls presentation of chosen suppliers, preparation of the contract and follow-up after the contract is signed.


» Special Expat Service

Providing rental housing/residences, arranging school for the expat’s children, orientation service and other similar services for the expatriates, managing relations with the landlords & residence compounds.