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About TEMP

At the beginning, payrolling and outsourcing was proceeded as a separate cost center within EPS. After receiving requirements and continuing the deal with success and receiving good reputation in the sector, the concerning function is separated from EPS and established as Dönper Danışmanlık, TEMP in 1998.

In outsourcing, TEMP will give special solutions for your company to avoid all the payrolling procedures and legal requirements for the personnel. TEMP outsourcing service will be your problem solver assistant when you have head count freeze or not got approval for the concerning positionor not want to increase your personnel turnover rate.

TEMP solution proposal in your payrolling and outsourcing process is :

  • To process payroll information on a monthly bask in line with the legal requirements,
  • Handle the relations with the institutions required for the labor law (such as Social Security Association, Labor Ministry, Tax Ins., Iskur)
  • To prepare all the legally required forms, lists and declarations.
  • To inform all the changes in regulations effecting the cost on time.
  • To give required consultancy in Labor Law (nr. 4857)

With TEMP you will focus to your core business and will get timely and quality service. Your company will be more flexible by working with TEMP personnel.

The main characteristics of TEMP, being focused in customer satisfaction, is to provide the best practical solution in temporary personnel, part time flexible time personnel, payrolling and outsourcing.