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Eps Consultancy

EPS Consultancy

EPS Consultancy bas been established in 1995 and it has been authorized and licensed.

EPS Consultancy has undertaken to be cult with its working system, with its approach and with its services that it provides in the human resources sector and has undertaken to play a Ieading role for the projects, which shall contribute to the working environment in Turkey as its VISION. It has undertaken to carry the customer satisfaction to the highest level and to provide the services with the highest quality within the shortest time as its MISSION.

EPS Consultancy has proved its competence in the process of Search Selection Services many times with its more than 10.000 successfully completed selection projects, which it had carried out since 1995.

EPS Consultancy, which works with capacity to carry out interviews with 110 candidates in a day in its offices that has area of 1250 m2 as of 2010, is providing its services actively to large number of companies with its work force of 42 expert personnel. It provides services, which are in line with the reality of the business life, with its expertise forms that have been prepared on the sector and profession base, with its foreign language tests, with its structured interview systems and with its qualified and expert work force.

EPS Search Selection Services contain mainly the following issues;

  • Recruitment
  • Executive Search
  • Newspaper Advertisement Interview Service
  • Reference Check and Performance Control
  • Exit Interviews
  • Mass Recruitment
  • Suburb Recruitment Projects

» EPS gives the most practical solution for Search & Selection Services with its system, work force, database and with its customer oriented approach.


» Recruitment

The EPS Consultants, who can reach the candidates that have suitable profile for the position in question through the databank that has been created by using the interviewed candidates’ curriculum vitae that is increasing by day, analyze the suitability of the candidate for the requirements and the expectations of the company through the detailed interviews that it carries cut.

Competence of the candidates are evaluated by using the expertise forms which are in relation to their branches and sectors and by using foreign language tests that have been prepared in five different languages after the interviews. The candidates, that have been found to be suitable, are then shared with the company as a short Iist.

At the last stage, a reference check is carried out in order to obtain information about the career background and the performance of the candidate and this is presented to the company.

The companies, which are in collaboration with the EPS would save both from the manpower and the time and they would also minimize the margin of error in relation to the profession.


» Executive Search

This k the method used for reaching the suitable candidates by through using different research models in the sector or in an expertise group, where only a few number of similar managers are available.

  • The detailed information in relation to the sector is obtained from the customer in order to reach for the potential candidates.
  • The effective utilization level from all of the sources in the sector or in the expertise group determines the performance of the process.

» Newspaper Advertisement Interview Service

This is the newspaper advertisement work that is carried out by EPS in relation to the request of the company.

  • EPS Consultants evaluate the newspaper advertisement applications and carry out the interviews with the suitable candidates.
  • Candidates fill in the professional expertise forms and take the foreign language level evaluation tests.
  • EPS presents the results of the project and all of the curriculum vitae reached to the company as a report.
  • Career backgrounds, personal characteristics and expectations of the candidates are contained in the report.


» Reference Check & Performance Control

Career background of the candidate is put under the scope with reference check and performance control at the end of the search selection process.

  • The accuracy of the information that has been obtained during the interviews is controlled during the reference check.
  • Evolutions and warnings of the ex-manager and the work colleagues of the personnel are taken into consideration.
  • AlI of this information is shared with the company.


» Exit Interview

This is the interview which k carried out to find out the reasons behind the resignation of the personnel from the company.

  • Reasons for leaving the job are defined and shared with the company.
  • Reductior of the employee circulation ard the consideration of the required precautiors are airned with these interviews.


» Mass Recruitment

This contains the projects for recruitment of large number of personnel for the same position or for similar positions at different times.

  • Continuous data base works, group or panel interviews and backups in relation to the positions are the main parts of the system.


» Suburb Recruitment Projects

EPS consultancy has gained great amount of experience since 1995 for the recruitments that are outside of Istanbul (other regions). EPS Search & Selection Team carries out interviews for the sales management and sales representative positions in different regions of the country every week.

Database in relation to the region, contact forms before the interviews, pre interviews through the telephone, face to face interviews with long list are the main parts of system.