The EPS Consultants, who can reach the candidates that have suitable profile for the position in question through the databank that has been created by using the interviewed candidates’ curriculum vitae that is increasing by day, analyze the suitability of the candidate for the requirements and the expectations of the company through the detailed interviews that it carries cut.

Competence of the candidates are evaluated by using the expertise forms which are in relation to their branches and sectors and by using foreign language tests that have been prepared in five different languages after the interviews. The candidates, that have been found to be suitable, are then shared with the company as a short Iist.

At the last stage, a reference check is carried out in order to obtain information about the career background and the performance of the candidate and this is presented to the company.

The companies, which are in collaboration with the EPS would save both from the manpower and the time and they would also minimize the margin of error in relation to the profession.

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